Capturing the Blood Pressure Wave

Our technology is based on capturing the blood pressure wave using photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensors now familiar in smart watches.

We then extract physiological parameters and analyze on a cloud computer. Results are returned to the user’s mobile phone or a web interface. The whole process is performed in real-time.

Data Security and Privacy

The sensor data are anonymized and encrypted from the mobile device to the cloud and the user interface. Each measurement session receives a new Universal Unique Identifier (UUID). Each measurement session gets a new UUID. Stored raw data are anonymous and can only be identified by users receiving the UUID to respect the GDPR standard.
The data are not stored permanently on our cloud. However, we can keep these data upon the user’s agreement for further research and user health review.

Health Metrics

We have 24 physiological metrics extracted from the sensor data, which are then combined into higher-level metrics such as Qi FlowEnergy Balance, Elements, Humors/Doshas (Tibetan/Ayurvedic concepts), and Breathing Score.

The raw physiological metrics are, among others, heart rate, heart rate variability (Root Mean Square of the Successive Difference of inter-beat intervals, RMSSD), breathing rate, breathing rate variability (Standard Deviation of the inter-breath intervals, SD), heart-brain-breathing SYNC level and their quality indices.

Medical Grade metrics

SATHeart developed a set of physiological metrics using PPG sensors, which can be used in low-power platforms or on a cloud. A subset of these metrics are used for the Apps described above.