About You

Our epoch is filled with appointments, meetings, objectives, performance both at work and even in our private life. This results in an unprecedented pandemic phenomena of stress, bad sleep and cardiovascular problems. Stress impacts on your health sometimes like an underground wave increasing your blood pressure, or facilitating the manifestation of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer or chronic fatigue.

SATHeart is your medical grade health companion that you can use morning, evening, when feeling stressed or unwell and even during your sleep. Our platform uses active breathing and sounds to improve cardiac function and release the accumulated stress. SATHeart is recommended by experts.

SATHeart focuses on providing you with a holistic understanding of the progresses of your cardiac rehabilitation while at home and provides a unique solution for life follow up of your condition. SATHeart measures several essential cardiovascular parameters in order to provide you with medical grade data and adequate therapeutic sessions.

There are also life stressful moments such as during the pregnancy time when the body is subject to heavy changes that also affects expectant mothers psychological state and moods. SATHeart is the ideal friend that will accompany them during this journey and after birth of the baby. Our unique and effortless breathing guide is of great help in preparing the expectant mother for the baby’s birth.

SATHeart Team