Algorithms for Vitals

SATHeart develops and implement vital sign monitoring algorithms called VitAlgos and specializes in cardiac, vascular and breathing health parameters using wearable optical sensors.

The algorithms are available for licensing or potential co-development with partners. Contact us for more information about this service.

SATHeart also provides consultancy services on biomedical algorithm design and implementation for embedded platforms or cloud computers,

Apps for a Better Life

SATHeart has developed a proprietary Active Breathing™ Technology which generates specific sound patterns based on measured cardiovascular and respiratory data using either your phone, selected third party heart rate devices or our own health sensor.

The Active Breathing Apps are your health companions which you can use for relaxing, focusing, energizing or before sleeping to help you achieve a better life quality.

SATHeart promotes holistic approaches to health and wellbeing using novel concepts such as energy balance and breathing score which can be assessed using commodity wearable sensors.

SATHeart Team