SATHeart developed a unique set of health metrics based on Eastern medicine. The essential metric is called Qi, which roughly translates to energy. Qi permeates the entire universe and our body in the form of potential or as a flow. Qi is the dynamic manifestation of the famous Yin and Yang, which takes a specific form and function in our body and mind.

Yin and Yang are the complementary aspects of all phenomena, from stars to our mental states and emotions. Both are qualities that, together with the elemental aspects of human function, can be in excess or deficiency, leading to different ailments. Therefore, the dynamics of Yin and Yang contain a lot of information about our health state.

Qi can harmoniously flow, be blocked or stagnant. Each of these three state leads either to good health or illnesses when persistent.

The Elements

The concept of the elements emerged in ancient cultures, both East and West several hundreds years ago and are illustrated below and in our Apps (from left to right): Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

The elements are primordial principles or phases that govern all phenomena. In particular, the elements manifest in our body and mind in the form of three root principles called Doshas in Ayurveda and Humors in Tibetan Medicine.

Each individual has specific humors from birth known in Eastern medicine as constitution. These three principles or energies evolves with aging, time of day and seasons with respect to your constitution. Each humor not only corresponds to a body organ, tissue or cell, but as well as a type of emotion, feeling, sensation or thought. The Eastern tradition therefore allows for a direct interpretation of body imbalance with mind states.

These three are measured by a traditional doctor using different techniques but the main one is pulse wave analysis. Who can sense and interpret the pulse wave champion in traditional medicine. Knowing these three energies allows to recognize the state of the body and mind of the person and is thus able to recommend some treatment.

Yin and Yang, Qi, the elements and the three energies are the manifestation of a single whole principle that keeps all things in balance through the three principles of stabilization, movement and transformation.

The SATHeart Platform

Qi Flow, as estimated with our algorithms, is a multi-component metric which is derived from standard clinical parameters of the blood pressure wave such as its relative amplitude and rhythms. SATHeart uses a photoplethysmograph (a type of optical blood pulse wave sensor) as a surrogate of the blood pressure wave to extract many parameters correlated with the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems. The image below shows the Qi flow value measured between 0% (Blue dot on the left side) and 100% (Blue dot on the right side).

The elements and humors are quantified as shown below and indicate the deviation from your constitution in the form of excess or deficiency.

Of special interest for well-being applications is our unique holistic concepts of Energy Balance (EB) and Breathing Score. These two are the corner stones of our know-how which we develop and refine since more than 10 years.

Our metrics are calibrated for each user to account for this baseline. The individual is therefore at the center stage of our platform.