Qi Flow

SATHeart developed a unique set of health metrics based on Eastern medicine. The essential metric is called Qi which stands for energy which permeates our body in the form of potential or as a flow. Qi is the dynamic manifestation of the famous Yin and Yang which takes specific form and function in our body and mind.

Qi flow is a multi-component metric which is derived from standard clinical parameters of the blood pressure wave. SATHeart uses the photoplethysmogram as a surrogate of the blood pressure wave to extract many parameters correlated with the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems.

Of special interest for well-being applications is our unique holistic concepts of Energy Balance (EB) and Breathing Score. These two are the corner stones of our know-how which we develop and refine since more than 10 years.

Each individual has specific features known in Eastern medicine as constitution. Our metrics are calibrated for each user to account for this baseline. The individual is therefore at the center stage of our platform.