The destiny seems to have assigned us the role of two pillars that hold the bridge between the Orient and the Occident
– C.G. Jung letter to R. Whilhelm, may 1929

The Pulse Project was initiated in 2008 from the meeting between a biomedical engineer and co-founder of SATHeart and a traditional Tibetan doctor. The common ground between the ancient finger pulse reading and modern biosensing technology is the heart blood pressure pulse wave analysis. SATHeart developed biosignal analysis techniques to translate the biosensor signals into holistic Eastern pulse wave interpretations.

This unique approach gives access to thousands of years of empirical knowledge developed in Eastern countries. In 2018, SATHeart S.A. was founded by three experts in biosensors, traditional Tibetan medicine compound production and biomedical algorithms. Each steps in the 15 years platform development was assessed by scientific experiments.

SATHeart measures health metrics in real-time using trusted wearable sensors or just your smart phone camera. The health parameters are: heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing rate variability and heart-breathing-brain coupling.

Measuring health parameters is only the very first step and we also close the loop in providing the user a powerful way to improve and maintain his health using breathing biofeedback.

SATHeart promotes holistic approaches to health and well-being using Qi Flow, Energy Balance and Active Breathing. The typical use cases for our platform are: fitness yoga, mental stress and holistic medicines.

Our algorithms have been developed in-house and tested and validated using gold standard medical grade instruments. We always keep the science and technology to the highest standard.