The body and mind are complex systems which dynamically interconnect the many parts to form a series of hierarchical structure with their specific function. Each layer of this structure is connected to the other ones forming a whole.

The most striking inter-connectedness aspect is manifesting as the heart-breathing-brain (HBB) coupling. You can easily recognize this while measuring your pulse rate as you consciously breathe. The coupling strength in the HBB is called SYNC. The higher is SYNC the healthier is your HBB and the entire body and mind.


Consciousness is like the director of an orchestra and the musicians are the various component of your body. When the director and musicians are in SYNC, this produces amazing pieces of harmonious music. The rhythms imposed by the director is like your breathing.

You can positively affect your SYNC by using two techniques: 1) meditation or mindfulness and 2) breathing slowly. Combining the two as an increased effect on your well-being.


Conscious breathing involves the two essential aspects of our life: 1) consciousness and 2) our body. These two are participating dynamically to maintain our health. Having a mindful life and performing moderate exercises contribute to maintain our SYNC level to an optimal value.

Other approaches to increase your SYNC can also be used such as developing compassion and kindness, caring for others and oneself, having a pet, or connecting with nature.

Increasing your SYNC is the art of mindful breathing therapy and is commonly used in psychotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, hypertension management, burnout and stress management, breathing disorder therapy, cancer therapy, and addiction therapy to name a few.


We are beings in motion, either externally by using physical exercises or internally via the organs communication channels and our conscious actions. Movements activates our Qi flow. When the movements are harmonious, the Qi flow will equivalently be so, favoring the efficient distribution of energies through out our body.

Performing harmonious movements in SYNC with mindful breathing will tremendously increase our SYNC level.

Optimizing our health and well-being has therefore three essential aspects: 1) mindfulness, 2) breathing and 3) soft harmonious movements. Aligning these three at the same time is the most potent method to keep our health, body and mind, to its optimal potential.

The SATHeart Platform

SATHeart is measuring your SYNC level and use it as part of our Active Breathing biofeedback and Qi flow. Active breathing uses sound guidance to help you consciously SYNC your breath with your body Qi flow to restore your energy balance.