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Stress Management and Cardio-Respiratory & Vascular Assessment

  • A Sound Guided and Active Breathing(*) App with heart beat data(**)
    • Basic: Measures essential cardio-data using the camera on your phone
    • Basic: Get more out of your standard third party heart rate monitor such as Polar® OH1, Polar® H10 or H7 or similar devices (more to come, compatibility list will be updated)
    • Basic: Guided breathing
    • Premium: Basic + Active Breathing via Cloud application

  • A Sound Guided and Active Breathing App with our heart pulse wave sensor(+)
    • Basic: Same functionality as Premium App
    • Basic: Choices of different Active-Breathing Modes
    • Basic: Choices of different feedback sound patterns
    • Basic: Breathing Score: get instant feedback about heart-breathing synchronicity
    • Premium: Energy Balance for Life Style Guidance
    • Premium: Advanced pulse wave analysis(++)

Sleep Monitoring & Scoring

  • SATHeart Device
    • Our device can be used for sleep quality monitoring using our metrics from our BioPT
    • We provide sleep scoring based on our concept of Energy Balance, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Breathing Patterns Analysis and Heart-Breathing Synchronicity
  • Cloud Analytic
    • We are preparing a cloud analytic platform that can analyze your data (PPG, ECG, IBI)(§)

BioSignal Processing Toolboxes (BioPT) (#)

  • Heart: Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Heart-Breathing Synchronicity, Signal Quality Indices
  • Breathing: Same as Heart + Breathing Rate, Signal Quality Indices
  • Vascular: Same as Breathing + SpO2(§), Vessel Stiffness, Signal Quality Indices

(*): Active Breathing is a biofeedback technique based on your physiological response to Breathing Exercise

(**): Heart pulse data are based on heart interbeat intervals (IBI) or photoplethysmograpm (PPG)

(+): Our pulse wave sensor is medical grade and measure the heart blood pulse wave on either the finger or the arm

(++): Advance pulse wave analysis is made possible to the high quality of our sensor and includes vital parameters such as Heart Rate, Breathing Rate and Oxygen Level as well as Heart Rate Variability, Breathing Rate Variability and Stiffness Indices

(#) For professional developers and programmers: these BioPT are optimized for embedded platforms (wearables, hearables, portables) and can also be implemented on Cloud computers

(§) PPG: Photoplethysmogram; ECG: Electrocardiogram; IBI: Heart Interbeat Intervals; SpO2: partial pressure of peripheral oxygen level

More information coming soon

SATHeart Team

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