A user manual is available here as a pdf file. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Mobile Phone

The first option is to use the App directly with the built-in camera of your mobile phone (iOS and Android) as a sensor.

In order to get meaningful results, we need to measure between 1 and 2 minutes minimum. A visual feedback of your pulse wave is provided at the bottom of the screens to check the quality.

When using this technique, make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position, preferably with your elbow resting on a table and gently holding the phone while pressing a little your finger on the chosen camera.

The App allows you to choose the camera in case your phone has multiple lenses. Remember not to press too hard on the camera. The point is to be relaxed in a stable position (for example, avoid recording while standing up).

Lying in the bed could also be a good solution but try to sit instead of completely lying down.

Common usage includes but not limited to: Morning health check, before bed health check, short breathing exercise (typically between 1 and 5min).

(Explanation video will come here)

Third party sensor

Specific third party sensors allow to stream the heart pulse wave via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and be processed by our cloud algorithms.

The selected sensors so far tested are the OH1 and Verity Sense from Polar due to the availability of the blood pulse wave and accuracy of the heart beat detection algorithm.

This technique is preferred for longer recording time, typically in the range from 5 to 30 minutes. The sensor is placed on your upper arm or calve and paired with your mobile phone. Once done, the data will appear automatically on your mobile phone in real time.

While the preferred position for recording is sitting or lying, with sensor on the arm, slow movements are allowed during the recording.

Common usage includes but not limited to: Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yin Yoga, breathing exercises (such as but not limited to pranayama), meditation, stress release or energy boosting technique of your choice.

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