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This is an example of a basic functionality of a sound guided breathing for you to get acquainted with this technique. The complete SATHeart platform is based on the principle of Active Breathing™ which is a unique biofeedback approach while measuring your heart pulse wave using one of our solution.

Activate the buttons bellow one at a time and try to follow the breathing rhythms.

Our therapeutic solutions focus on different types of breathing techniques addressing different user needs such as: calming, focusing, boosting and sleeping. Neuroscience tells us that sounds deeply impact our brain activities and therefore our body and mind function, and especially our heart and vascular rhythms. Combining specific breathing rhythms with sounds has the unique potential to reSYNC our Brain-Heart connection, regulate our emotions, better balance our life.

We also provide solutions to accurately monitor how your body reacts to the sound breathing guidance using state of the art technological advances in blood pulse wave analysis from user friendly small device or straight from your phone camera.

Our Active Breathing™ technology is unique by the fact that it self-adapt to the user’s breathing capacity and guide her or him towards the optimal energetic rebalancing effect. Our technique can be used safely by everyone, coaches, psychotherapists and eventually by cardiopulmonary rehabilitation therapists.

Enjoy and visit us soon for last updates on our platform progresses..

SATHeart Team

Note: The volume sliders are not working on iOS phones. This is a restriction from Apple.