Energy Balance

The key metric of SATHeart is the Energy Balance which is quantifies between -100% and 100%. The concept originates from Eastern culture which envisage health as a balance between different energies sometimes boosting sometimes calming. Stress is thus viewed as an imbalance which can be temporary or chronic which should be treated seriously.

The image below is the Energy Balance radar. An extreme stress is quantified with an Energy Balance of 100% (Blue dot on the right side), while a complete relaxation state has an Energy Balance of -100% (Blue dot on the left side). Neither of these extremes, when sustained for long periods, are healthy. A perfect balance is 0% (Blue dot on the middle).

The Energy Balance is a result of the analysis of the heart blood pulse wave under three aspects: Rhythm, Pattern and Neuro-Cardio-Respiratory Synchrony as well as a good Qi flow.

The Energy Balance refers to the person’s own healthy state reference. Indeed everyone is different and comparing two persons is impossible unless we have information about their health history.

The SATHeart Platform

The SATHeart sensors have the capacity to readout the heart pulse wave and extract physiological information which are then mapped onto the three essential energies of Eastern medicine. The Energy Balance is computed from these physiological measures relatively to the user’s fundamental state, called his typology or constitution. If this reference is not available, it is estimated from past recorded sessions. Therefore, the Energy Balance is computed for each individual.

The reference state changes with time but quite slowly and may be reassessed every change of season or every year.