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SATHeart organises regular conferences on the topics of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Science. These conferences aims at bringing to the public’s attention recent advances in science and medicine and present them in a modern conceptual framework with immediate application to our daily life. Typical topics ranges from Quantum mechanics to Brain research and Consciousness.

You might wonder why such a large range of topics? SATHeart is bringing you the most of basic and applied science, technology, physiology and medicine in a holistic way. This holism is reflected in the way we bring you the ancient knowledges integrated with modern discoveries and technologies. Last but not least, one of the unique aspect of the SATHeart platform is that we consider body and mind seriously, meaning that the nowadays fact that mind and body are not two separate entities but must be treated as a whole is carried out throughout our solutions. This brings us the power to address life issues such as strong emotions and feelings as well as mental stress and sleep disorders, together with their mirrored body counter parts such as cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, heart diseases and breathing disorders.

We invite recognised experts in those fields which with great compassion can share their expertise with us and make them understandable and experienceable.

Next conference is:

The 5 elements:

Pulsology and Your Health.


13 – 14 Octobre 2018, Orsières, Switzerland


The 5 elements are the integral part of the heritage of ancient cultures, both from East and West. The universality of this concept range from Astrology to medicine, geomancy and modern science. During this workshop, we will discover or rediscover these elements in the framework of medicine and more specifically the art of pulse reading. We will then present how the 5 elements can be integrated in today’s modern medicine and especially the digital analysis of the blood pulse wave.


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