Cardiac rehabilitation is performed after a cardiac event and has been shown to improve the health of patients over the years [1]. Rehabilitation consist mainly of performing cardio-exercise and informing patients about life style behaviours that can prevent such event to recur. Chronic stress is a very important factor that can lead to a cardiac event. No much stress release techniques are used nowadays in rehabilitation or even as a preventative measure. SATHeart is providing solutions to these gaps.

Although mortality from coronary heart disease has fallen over recent decades, annually it still claims an estimated 1.8 million lives in Europe, and 785 000 new and 470 000 recurrent myocardial infarctions occur in the US [1]

The SATHeart device is not a smart watch, not a smart bracelet, still SATHeart is always with you, measure your health parameters so that you feel secure. The device is able to measure, securely store and analyse the following parameters:

  • Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability
  • Blood Pressure (absolute (*) or trend)
  • Blood Oxygen Partial Pressure
  • Cardiac Efficiency (myocardial energetics)
  • Left Ventricular Ejection Time and Diastolic Time

Left ventricular ejection time is an independent predictor of incident HF in a community-based cohort and provides incremental prognostic information on the risk of future HF and death when added to known risk prediction models [1].

Assessment of cardiac efficiency does give valuable insight into the pathophysiology of various cardiac diseases, and into the beneficial effects of pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments [2].

The SATHeart platform comprises not only of a reliable health monitoring tool but most importantly as a therapeutic function that improves the heart function and help releasing the stress. can be used by clinicians and medical doctors to follow the evolution of the patient at home during rehabilitation and eventually take action when data shows abnormalities. Additionally, the patient is also informed by our AI analytics when it is opportune to visit her or his doctor. SATHeart data can be further interfaced with the most common wearable health platforms  such as the Apple and Samsung smart watches.

SATHeart Team

(*) Needs regular calibration with a certified blood pressure measuring instrument.


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