About Us

The SATHeart concept is born in 2008 and has always been centred around the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and blood pulse wave analysis. The founder of SATHeart have long experiences in the fields of biomedical engineering, biosignal processing, electronics, life science and integrative medicine.

We extracts parameters from biosignals and in particular the blood pulse wave to provide users, physicians and clinicians with cardiac function parameters, especially linked with cardiac and mental stress.

We also provide users with solutions to re-balance the autonomic nervous system and improve the cardiac function.

Herbert Schwabl, Ph.D

Patrick Celka, Ph.D

Katariina Granqvist, MSc
Herbert graduated in physics, specialized in biophysics and foundations of quantum mechanics. Medicine is the other scientific aspect, especially Tibetan (Eastern) medicine. Herbert is CEO of PADMA.
Patrick has been working in academic and industry for 30 years in the field of digital medical device and algorithm design and implementation. Patrick is developing algorithms for SATHeart.

  • SAT stands for Sensory Active Technology,
  • SAT is also the acronym of our three energetic principles: Stability, Activity and Transformation,
  • SAT is also a Sanskrit term which can tentatively be translated as ultimate, essence, or harmony.

SATHeart Team