We hear a lot about life balance. The concept of balance comes from Eastern cultures dominated by China and Himalayan countries. In these countries, medicine is viewed as preventative rather than curative and the concept of balance is the central concept for sustaining and nourishing our well-being.

Balance is not seen as static but rather dynamic, as a constant flow of energies between what’s increases or enhances and what diminishes or reduces. Tension and relaxation, when well balanced, maintain a flow in our life, both mental and physical.

In Traditional Tibetan Medicine for example, we speak about the 3 Humors or energies that govern our health, both mental and physical. They are called Lung (Green), Tripa (Red) and Beken (Yellow); or Wind, Bile and Phlegm. Ayurveda, the Traditional Indian Medicine, they are called the 3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three energies are related to the ancient 4 elements theory: wind, fire, water, and earth. A fifth element ether is added in Ayurveda, space in Tibetan medicine and metal in Chinese medicine.

The image below illustrates the relation between the 3 Humors/Doshas in the middle with corresponding organs and the 4 elements at the exterior. The white disk in the middle is the mind which will be explained in more details in another post.

The exploration of these concepts and their potential imbalance leads the physician to prescribe different remedies starting from lifestyle (meditation, diet, physical activities, yoga etc), then external therapies and internal ones. It is in the very last resort than these physicians prescribes herbal medicine, perform acupuncture or else more invasive therapies.

Meditation in the middle of yoga temple with deep slow breathing

SATHeart embedded this ancient concept of balance into the digital world. Our digital pulse wave analysis tools, together with these ancient concepts led us to develop the Energy Balance. Each user of SATHeart App can quantifies her or his energy balance every day (preferably early morning at wake up) and visualize day after day its evolution. The effect of your life style is reflected in the Energy Balance and the constant adaptation of yur body and mind flow state. The user can eventually check the effect of recommended life style changes according to the imbalance of the energies as quantified by our App.

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