Most days pass without us even being aware of a single second. If one asks you what you ate or thought a few minutes ago, you may have difficulty remembering. This is because you maintain a state of tension in your mind and body.

Letting go of the tension allows you access to the energy flow of your body and mind. Both aspects are never at complete rest but always in a flow state. This is also called Qi flow.

When you start being aware of this Qi flow, your day will be a continuous flow of presence. Being mindful does not mean thinking about whether you are aware or not. This is, in fact, automatic. Instead, open your senses and feel the flow in your body and mind stream.

In being the flow, your day will unfold naturally, and a deep feeling of contentment will arise effortlessly. Therefore, do not force yourself with goals and plans; follow what you must do to be present. This can be called active presence instead of passive presence, which is a state of mind dullness.

If this concept of flow and active presence is new to you, try it when you wake up for as long as you can, but never force yourself. Whenever you feel comfortable, practice active presence for a few minutes. The time will come when your active presence will get longer and longer.

To activate this flow of awareness, the practice of breathing is extremely powerful. No need to formally practice a breathing exercise, but just to be aware of your breathing, either by a soft focus on the air flow in your nostrils or the movement of your chest/belly. However, the formal breathing practice can certainly help getting in the flow and SATHeart has the tools for you to achieve this.

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